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We spent years of research developing Fortis Arbor grout. We are the pioneers of wood tiles and only our grout allows for easy installation and maximum performance.

There are many grouts available that are considered flexible. Quartz-Lock and SpectraLOCK grouts for instance are excellent products which are considered some of the most flexible in the industry. These grouts can handle even the most challenging stone or ceramic tile installations. They cannot however rebound to their original shape after being compressed by the forces of wood. Eventually these grouts and others, including epoxy based grout, will crack and fail from the expansion and contraction of wood tiles compressing the grout joint.

A Flux woodworker friend likes to say that "wood always wins". Quarrymen still use the ancient technology of soaking wooden shims in water to swell the wood and force stone slabs from quarry walls.

Fortis Arbor grout looks and installs much like typical sanded tile grout. Our grout uses a special blend of flexible binders and fillers to achieve a grouting system that is waterproof, non toxic, resists staining, can be coated with wood finishes and expands and contracts along with the natural movement of wood. Fortis Arbor grout is available in two pre-mixed sizes and three colors to compliment our wood mosaic tiles, and virtually any wood installation:


8 oz. (sample), 1 gallon, 5 gallon



Brick: compliments rosewood, cherry, Ipe and mahogany.
Brick color:

Coffee: compliments teak, rosewood, oak, white oak and walnut.
Coffee color:

Sand: compliments bamboo, teak, white oak, walnut and pine.
Sand color:

Although Fortis Arbor grout was designed for use with our tiles, our grout can be used for other uses as well. These include end grain flooring installations, filling gaps between wood boards, wood and tile floors, expansion joints and various other uses.

Since our grout was tested only for use with Fortis Arbor tiles, consumers must decide if our grout is appropriate for any other use.

Please note that our grout is approximately 50% lighter than conventional grout and is inexpensive to ship.

Fortis Arbor grout has a US patent pending.

Fortis Arbor grout has a one year shelf life.

All grout orders are made to order. Please allow approximately one week from time of ordering to date of shipment.

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Fortis Arbor grout was designed to install very much like regular sanded tile grout. Fortis Arbor grout can be coated with most water and oil based clear coat products.

For a PDF file of Fortis Arbor Grout installation instructions please click here.


Use & Care

Fortis Arbor grout can be cleaned with any mild cleaners that are suitable for wood.