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Revolv stone composite tiles are made using 82% recycled material collected from local Chicago manufacturers, including waste limestone. Revolv's proprietary formulation contains no petrochemicals and has zero VOC emissions.

The performance characteristics of Revolv tile can be thought of as a cross between natural marble or limestone and very durable concrete.

Each Revolv tile is handmade in an original, contemporary assortment of dimensional and relief tiles and may be customized to virtually any shape or size. Revolv's incredibly tactile surface is available in 18 understated colors inspired by nature.

Revolv was chosen as a finalist in Interior Design Magazine's Best of Year 2010 awards.



Field Composite Cast Concrete Tile Field Tile Sizes include (all sizes in inches) 12x18, 12x12, 6x18, 4x16, 2x16, 3x9, 1x16, 4x4, 2x6, 2x4, 2x2 and virtually any custom shape and size.
Hourglass Composite Cast Concrete Tile Hourglass 4x4 inch
Hourglass Composite Cast Concrete Tile Hourglass 2x4 inch
Hourglass Composite Cast Concrete Tile Hourglass 2x6 inch
Jasper Composite Cast Concrete Tile Jasper 4x4 inch. Jasper designs are comprised of four slightly different circular patterns. An order for jasper tiles will include a random assortment of these patterns.
Subway Composite Cast Concrete Tile Subway Pillow 3x6 inch
Pillow Liner Composite Cast Concrete Tile Pillow Liner 1x16 inch
Pillow Liner Composite Cast Concrete Tile Pillow Liner 2x16 inch
Pillow Liner Composite Cast Concrete Tile Pillow Liner 4x16 inch
Push Pull Composite Cast Concrete Tile Push Pull 3x7 inch
Subwave Composite Cast Concrete Tile Subwave 3x9 inch
Weave Composite Cast Concrete Tile Weave 2x16 inch
Mini Chair Rail Composite Cast Concrete Tile Mini Chair Rail 7/8x16 inch
Chair Rail Composite Cast Concrete Tile Chair Rail 1 5/8 x 16 inch
Contemporary Crown Composite Cast Concrete Tile Contemporary Crown 2½x16 inch
Base Molding Composite Cast Concrete Tile Base Molding 6½x18 inch



Revolv White Linen White Linen
Revolv Birch Birch
Revolv Kiki Kiki
Revolv Janet Janet
Revolv Mocha Mocha
Revolv White Mist White Mist
Revolv Robin Robin
Revolv Fiona Grey Fiona Grey
Revolv Azul Azul
Revolv Alessia Alessia
Revolv Marjorie Green Marjorie Green
Revolv Katherine Katherine
Revolv Dusk Dusk
Revolv Midnight Midnight
Revolv Slate Black Slate Black
Revolv Terra Terra
Revolv Truck Truck

All designs are available in all colors



Each Revolv tile is made by hand. Color range is similar to natural stone. Differences in tone, shade and sheen can be expected and are part of the inherent character of the tile. Lay out and inspect all tiles before installation insuring an even distribution of color range. 

Our handmade tiles will vary in thickness. Use 1/4 x 1/4 inch square notched trowel with back butter when installing. 

When your tiles arrive they are unsealed and may have a slightly “dry” look (more matte in sheen and slightly lighter in color) than they will after installation. They may also appear to have more range in sheen than they will after installation. The process of grouting the tiles will lightly sand and buff the surface of the tiles unifying the surface sheen. The shinier tiles will appear slightly more matt, and the matt tiles will be appear slightly more shiny after grouting. There is still a range of sheen to the finished installation but this, combined with the color range of the tiles, is what makes them unique and beautiful.

The picture above shows a typical range of sheen before our tiles are grouted.

Click here to view the available colors for this product, or view our image gallery.



Revolv tiles are ideal for sustainable building projects. The key environmental aspects of the line are outlined below based on common questions concerning tile manufacturing and its impact on the environment:

Can the use of Revolv tiles contribute to a building attaining LEED certification as a green building? Yes, Although there are categories that fall outside the area which Revolv tiles can contribute, the overall effort in the green building can be helped by the installation of Revolv tiles and may contribute to LEED points in the following categories;

LEED category: Materials and Resources Credit 4.1: Recycled Content 10%

Intent: Increase demand for building products that have incorporated recycled content materials, thereby reducing the impacts resulting from the extraction of new materials.

Requirements: Use materials with recycled content such that the sum of post-consumer recycled content plus one-half of the pre-consumer content constitutes as at least 10% (based on cost) of the total value of the materials in the project.

Approximately 76% of the mass of Revolv tiles are made of post industrial waste from the local Chicago area where Revolv tiles are made.

LEED category: Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 4:1: Low Emitting Materials: Adhesives and Sealants

Intent: Reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminants that are odorous, irritating and/or harmful to the comfort and well-being of installers and occupants

Requirements: VOC emissions from adhesives and sealants must not exceed the VOC and chemical components limits of Green Seal's standard GS-11 requirements

Revolv tiles are set with thinset adhesive which is a VOC compliant adhesive. Revolv tiles can be sealed during installation with Miracle Sealants 511 H2O plus sealant which is water born and has very low VOC emissions.

LEED category: Materials and Resources Credit 5:1 20% manufactured regionally Credit 5:2 50% manufactured regionally

Intent: Increase demand for building materials and products that are extracted and manufactured within the region, thereby supporting the regional economy and reducing the environmental impacts resulting from transportation

Requirements: Use a minimum of 20%/50% of building materials and products that are *manufactured regionally within 500 miles.

Revolv tiles are made by hand in Chicago, Illinois USA. Use zip code 60613 to determine regional radius.

*Manufacturing refers to the final assembly of components into the building product that is furnished and installed by the tradesmen. For example, if the hardware comes from Dallas, TX, the lumber from Vancouver, British Columbia and the joist is assembled in Kent, Washington; then the location of the final assembly is Kent, Washington.

Note: The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System represents the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGB's) effort to provide a national standard for what constitutes a "green building". USGBC or LEED does not certify building products but rather provides a standard by which a building can be rated and certified as green.

Is the waste water filtered and reused in manufacturing? Currently we do not filter and reuse the waste water generated making Revolv tiles. However, we do implement many water saving methods and currently only use approximately ¼ gallon of water per square foot of tile. We are also currently working on a water reuse and filtration system for our facility.

Are broken and rejected tiles recycled into new tile or put to use in some way? Yes, Revolv tiles that are broken or rejected are broken up and reconstituted into new tiles.

Is your packaging made of recycled materials? Yes, much of our packing materials are recycled: All the paperwork is printed on 50% post consumer recycled content. Our paper mesh backing is made up of 65% post consumer recycled content. Also, our packing paper is made of 100% post consumer recycled content.

Are recycled materials part of the content of your tile? What percentage? Yes, a high percentage (approximately 76%) of the mass of Revolv tiles is made of post industrial waste from the local Chicago area where Revolv tiles are made. We actually collect this material from our neighboring manufacturers. Much of this collected material used to go directly to landfill. Much of our production tooling and consumables are also made from recycled materials. Our tooling is made using over 80% postconsumer recycled content.

Are you manufacturing using energy saving methods? Yes, we use many energy saving methods when making Revolv tiles. While developing our Revolv line it was exciting and rewarding to create a tile line that was high in recycled content and low in energy usage. We know our energy usage is very low. We actually in the process of calculating exactly what our carbon footprint is for the line.

Is your product made of post-consumer waste? No, they are made from post-industrial waste. (see above)

Do you use regional materials? Yes, over 89% of the mass of Revolv tiles comes from an area within 500 miles of Chicago, Illinois where Revolv is manufactured.

In manufacturing, do you reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions? Very little of the manufacturing of Revolv tiles requires mining or firing and therefore the manufacturing of Revolv tiles may produce less greenhouse gasses than ceramic, porcelain, glass or metal tiles.

Shipping, and the electricity to power our equipment does contribute to some greenhouse gas emissions. Our facility is located in Chicago, Illinois where unfortunately, coal burning constitutes approximately 8% of the power supplied to our facility by Commonwealth Edison. (If you live in Illinois, contact your government representatives to push for clean electric alternatives. ) That said Very little of the manufacturing of Revolv tiles requires mining or firing so our power requirements are very low.



Installing Revolv tiles is very similar to installing natural stone or concrete tiles. For general installation practices we recommend the guidelines set by the Tile Council of America. A quick reference to key installation points is outlined below:

Differences in tone, shade and sheen are part of the inherent character of the tile. Pull tiles from several different boxes/pallets to ensure even distribution of color range

Our handmade tiles will vary in thickness. Use 1/4 x 1/4 inch square notched trowel with back butter when installing

Use crack suppression when installing our large or long format tiles or when substrate movement is suspected

Do not scratch tiles when grouting. Use grout and grouting methods as outlined in our installation instructions
Please read our installation instructions before installing tiles

For a PDF file of Revolv installation instructions please click here.


Use & Care


Revolv tiles can be cleaned with most non-acid based cleaning products. This includes, but is not limited to: dishwashing liquid, most kitchen and bathroom cleaners including Clorox Clean Up, and gentle scouring cleansers like Bon Ami and Oxyclean. Alternately, stone cleaners like TileLab's OneStep Cleaner & Resealer, Simple Green Stone Cleaner and Stone Polish and Method Daily Granite can be used. For stubborn stains a slurry of Oxy-Clean mixed with a small amount of water can be left on the stain until dry and then scrubbed off, repeat as necessary. 

DO NOT clean Revolv tiles with acid based cleaners. Acid based cleaners include, but are not limited to: homemade

vinegar cleaning solutions, grout haze removers and CLR. Revolv tiles are susceptible to etching from highly acidic materials such as lemon juice, and acid based cleaners. 

For wet or heavy traffic locations clean tiles periodically and re-seal as necessary.


Revolv recycled stone tiles are suitable for use in walls and floors, wet or dry interior applications and exterior applications in non freezing environments. Revolv tiles are not recommended for water line or submerged pool applications. Just like natural marble or limestone, lighter colors in wet applications will show less water deposits, soap scum, etc. than darker colors and will require less maintenance.  

The performance characteristics of Revolv tile can be thought of as being very similar to natural marble.

Please contact us for any specific test or performance specifications needed for your project.

Click here to download our use & care installation instructions.