Architectural Metal Surfaces

    • Are Flux metal surfaces for use in interior or exterior locations?
      It depends on the metal and surface. All our metal surfaces can be used in interior locations. Only some of our metals and surfaces can be used outdoors. please see our product page for individual surface specifications.
    • How do I order Flux Architectural Metal Surfaces?
      You can order samples of most of our standard surfaces at our online store. For pricing please contact us with the quantity needed and we’ll provide a quote.
    • Will Flux install their Architectural Metal Surfaces?
      We can offer installation services or work directly with your contractor to provide installation guidance.

Fortis Arbor Wood Grout

    • Where is Fortis Arbor Wood Grout Used?
      Our grout can be used for wood tiles, end grain flooring, filling transitions between wood and stone, or other materials and a host of other applications. Fortis Arbor Wood Grout is for interior use only. Refer to our installation instructions for specifics. (Installation instructions are available for download at the Fortis Arbor Wood Grout product page.)
    • How much grout do I need?
      Please see the Fortis Arbor Wood Grout product page for figuring grout volume.
    • Does Fortis Arbor Grout need to be sealed?
      Not necessarily, but we do recommend sealing the grout joints, especially in flooring applications. You can generally use whatever wood coating you are using on the wood. Both water based and oil based wood finishes work on Fortis Arbor Wood Grout. Try a small area of the coating on the grout before proceeding with the entire installation. Be aware that some water based finishes may develop “crazing” (small cracks in the finish) on the grout joints due to water being pulled out of the water based coating during curing. If the water based finish you are using is susceptible to crazing, pre finish/seal the grout joints with a sander sealer prior to applying the water based wood finish.
    • Can you stain Fortis Arbor Wood Grout?
      Yes, most stains will work with our grout. Try a small area of the coating on the grout before proceeding with the entire installation.

Fortis Arbor Wood Mosaics

    • Where can I buy Fortis Arbor Wood Mosaics?
      Fortis Arbor Tiles are sold exclusively through Flux Studios. Please contact us for a current price list and inventory availability.
    • Where can I use Fortis Arbor Wood Mosaics?
      Our wood mosaics can be used in any dry installation; interior floors and walls. Or any area with occaisonal water exposure; backsplashes and bathroom floors.

Lineage Metal Tiles

    • Where can I buy Lineage Metal Tiles?
      You can purchase tiles directly from our Chicago facility, or we can refer you to a showroom in your area. Please contact us with your location.
    • Where can I use Lineage Metal Tiles?
      Lineage Tiles are virtually indestructable. They can be used indoors and out, in high traffic locations and even in marine locations.

Metal Fabrication

    • What information do you need to provide a metal fabrication quote?
      A simple project will sometimes only need a simple “napkin drawing” to convey what you need. For complex projects involving engineering  a complete drawing set is best. Keep in mind that you should always provide what metal is needed, and if a paint substitute is acceptable (for higher priced alloys  like brass/copper, etc.) and what finish is required. It’s also good to provide what the final use and location of the item will be. High traffic, commercial, exterior, etc.
    • Can Flux install their  fabricated items?
      If you are in the Chicago area we can provide both union and non-union installation. Please indicate in your quote request if installation is required. We do not install outside the Chicago area but may be able to recommend a qualified installer.

Stainless Steel Countertops

    • Can Flux make counter tops out of other metals besides stainless steel?
      Yes, we can make counter tops out of virtually any metal alloy, although stainless steel is the most popular metal specified. We also keep a supply of alloy 304 stainless steel in inventory for countertop production.
    • What thickness metal are Flux metal countertops made from?
      Our stainless steel countertops are typically made from 16 gauge material. THis is approximately 1/16″ thick. Brass and bronze alloys are typically slightly thinner.
    • Can Flux install the counter tops?
      If you’re in the Chicago area we can offer installation. We do not offer countertop installation outside the Chicago area, but may be able to recommend a qualified installer.