Flux Sundries

Here’s where you can find miscellanious items, mostly things that we’ve developed for our shop over the years that we thought people might like the opportunity to purchase.

Typical customers for workshop items are small shops, sculptors or makers who might not have the same equipment and purchasing resources as us, but need some of the same tools, materials or equipment we have in our own shop.

Other items are just fun things we’ve made.

Jorgensen “acorn” Welding Table Top

We developed this welding table top as an affordable alternative to a typical “acorn” welding table top that can cost thousands of dollars, and weigh thousands of pounds.  Our Jorgensen Acorn Welding Table Top is available in 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch thickness and any size up to 48 x 120 inches (in 12 inch increments). The “Acorn” pattern accepts standard 4 inch “Jorgensen” clamps, which are the most affordable bar clamps available.

Simply place an order at our online store and we’ll ship your table top to you on a pallet (An “A” frame pallet is necessary for larger table tops). Lead time is typically 2 to 4 weeks. (Longer lead times may be necessary during our “peak” summer months.)

We figure if you need a welding table top you’ll probably be making your own table base, but if you’d like us to make it, we can do that. Email us for a quote: mail@fluxstudios.com

Table tops are made from A36 Hot Rolled, Pickled & Oiled Steel Plate. Weight is approximately 10.5 lbs per square foot at 1/4 inch thickness, 15.75 lbs per square foot at 3/8 inch thickness.